Andros Festival 2022

Let’s meet on Andros island from July 31st to August 24th, 2022

For yet another year, Andros is at the epicenter of summer cultural activities, offering its residents and visitors special concerts, theatrical plays and local events.

The Festival is once again organised by the Non-Profit Company “Friends of the Andros Festival” under the auspices of the Municipality of Andros, with the support of sponsors, volunteers and employees from Andros and other places.

I am lucky because when I sit at night on the warm concrete theatre stands, I live the unique experience of the start of the performances, as the stage lights discreetly turn on, the spectators’ chat becomes a whisper of anticipation and Art steps into the forefront.

This is the eighth year that the Festival takes place at the stone theatre of Andros, but the nervousness and the suspense are the same as during the very first time.

Will there be much audience attendance? Will locals and tourists appreciate the performances?

Will the invited artists be left with a good impression of the audience’s response and the hospitality of Andros island? Will volunteers and the people who love the Festival and assist in every possible way, say that it’ll have been worth it after all?

The 33 years I’ve been living on Andros are proof of my love for the people, the history, the culture, the beauty of nature and daily life with friends and neighbours here on the island.

The competent and tireless Festival team feels the same about the island and this institution that we have been serving as best as we can throughout the past years.

So here we go again!

Theatre, music, dance and starry skies.

With so much distress and hardship all around, the thirst for emotion, joy, euphoria and the precious reflection offered by artistic creation might be even greater.

In the times we live, breaths of culture are most essential.


Pantelis Voulgaris

This August, just like every year, warm nights succeeding orange sunsets will be lit by the spotlights of the stone open-air theatre of Andros. Darkness will be filled with light, sound, music, songs and theatre.

The 8th Andros Festival is here. Locals and visitors alike will once more enjoy the majesty of artistic creation. Andros loves art. The municipality of Andros, a supporter of the island’s cultural heritage, assists the Not-for-Profit Organisation “Andros Festival Friends” and provides opportunity for people to meet remarkable artists and enjoy their work.

As always, we honour the local benefactor Alkiviades Tattos, who offered us this unique theatre. I warmly thank the Not-for-Profit Organisation “Andros Festival Friends” for organising the festival, the sponsors for supporting this effort, and the Festival’s Art Director as well as beloved film director Pantelis Voulgaris.


Dimitris Lotsaris
Mayor of Andros

The programme

Sunday 31st July
Concert: “Νight, Enchanted” – A journey down the paths of Greek music / Mixed Choir of the Music Association of Andros & Symphony Orchestra and Choir of the Municipal Conservatory of Larissa

Wednesday 3rd August
Theatre Play: “Hippolytus” by Euripides/ Directed by Theoni Reid /Alaloum amateur troupe

Saturday 6th August
Concert: “The Magic Box – Part Two” / Tania Tsanaklidou

Monday 8th August
Concert: ”Curtain, lights and… a taste of Asia Minor”/ Philharmonic Orchestra of the Music Association of Andros

Tuesday 9th August
Theatre Play: “Prometheus Bound” by Aeschylus / Directed by Aris Biniaris / Poreia Theatre

Thursday 11th August
Theatre Play: “This is not Romeo & Juliet” / Directed by Argyris Pantazaras/ Momentum Accelerated Evolution

Saturday 13th August
Concert: Yiannis Kotsiras – Summer 2022

Tuesday 16th August
Theatre Play: Halepas / Directed by Argiro Chioti – Libretto by The Boy / Onassis Stegi

Thursday 18th August
Lecture: “Persisting through time. The strengths of Hellenism during 3.500 years of recorded history.”/ Speaker : Maria Efthimiou / Kairios Library

Friday 19th August
Theatre Play: “Medea” by Euripides / Directed by Aimilios Chilakis & Manolis Dounias / Horos Theatre Company

Saturday 20th August
Children’s Theatre Play: “The Little Tailor of Words” / Directed by Giorgos Tzavaras/ Mikros Notos /Social Cooperative Enterprise of Andros

Monday 22nd August
Theatre Play: “Sappho” /Directed by Wendy Beckett/ Pascal Productions

Wednesday 24th August
Concert: Vassilis Tsitsanis Orchestra featuring Martha Frintzila

The festival

The International Festival of Andros began in July 2015 and it has been successfully held every summer since then. The performances start in the last week of July and draw to a close toward the end of August.

Over the past four years, the festival has hosted great theatrical plays, Greek music concerts and classical concerts,while ithas also presented local groups, such as the Philharmonic Orchestra and theatrical and dance groups from Andros.

The Festival aims to present high-quality theatrical and dance performances, as well as great classical and jazz concerts. Every year, the theatrical plays constitute the main part of the Festival performances.

The place

The open-air theatre of Andros is located in Chora, between the neoclassical City Hall (Voulgaris building) and the Lyceum. Its construction was inspired and mainly funded by Alkiviades Tattos, who comes from Andros.The theatre is built on an idyllic hillside which is protected from the wind and gives panoramic view of the south.

‘A theatre that looks like it has been there forever’; this was the original idea of the architects Kiriaki Kondylatou and Konstantinos Loukos, who undertook the implementation of this ambitious idea.

The open stage of the theatre reminds of the architecture of classical stages and is one of the most daring interventions in the public space of Andros.The construction works began in July 2014 in a plot of land ownedbythemunicipalityofAndros. The theatre has a seating capacity of 870 seats.

The people

The International Festival of Andros is organised by the Non-profit Company ‘Friends of the Festival of Andros’ under the auspices of the municipality of Andros.

Artistic director: Pantelis Voulgaris

Production director: Anastasia Kavallari

Lighting designer & supervisor: Yiannis Vollelis

Sound system designer &audio supervisor: Thodoris Papanikolaou

Assistant sound engineer: Zisis Tona

Media relations manager: Anzelika Kapsabeli

Social Media: Anna Voulgari

Graphic designer: kiss my art

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Editing of the english text: Niki Karagianni

Site administration: Michael Voulgaris | silentforce digital reflections

We warmly thank the Artist George Hadoulis who designed the poster of the 8th Andros Festival.