Artisan Art Is A Need- Artisans 2019 «Rembrandt vs Renoir : Dark vs Light»

The cultural and educational network Artisan Art Is A Need 2019 ‘Rembrandt vs Renoir: Dark vs Light’ continues its action for the 5th year.

On the 350th and 100th anniversary of Rembrandt’s (1606-1669) and Renoir’s (1841-1919) death respectively, we draw inspiration from the work of the two great painters, through the dramatic light of the Dutch Golden Age (1584-1702) and the bright light of an impressionistic happy daily life. Two different worlds that share a common revolutionary view.

Rembrandt was a painter, engraver and drawer and he was very popular for the brilliant details of his portraits, regarding the style, personality traits and inner feelings of the people he depicted.

He said that ‘painting is nature’s grandchild and God’s relative’.

Renoir was a painter, sculptor and illustrator and he was well-known for his female nude paintings which praise nature’s vitality and blossom in the light of an eternal and supreme purity that is beautiful, glorious and sensitive.

He said that ‘a work of art should surround and enchant you. It is the only means with which artists convey their passion’.

The network’s students of all ages will present paintings, drawings, collages, engravings, mosaics and embroidery.

The exhibition will be displayed at the foyer of the open-air theatre of Andros for the 3rd year, as well as at the workshop area of Kairios Library during the Festival. We warmly thank the Festival of Andros and Kairios Library for their support.

Workshop and Exhibition Organisation
Aristea Gravou
Visual Artist

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