The festival

The International Festival of Andros began in July 2015 and it has been successfully held every summer since then. The performances start in the last week of July and draw to a close toward the end of August.

Over the past four years, the festival has hosted great theatrical plays, Greek music concerts and classical concerts,while ithas also presented local groups, such as the Philharmonic Orchestra and theatrical and dance groups from Andros.

The Festival aims to present high-quality theatrical and dance performances, as well as great classical and jazz concerts. Every year, the theatrical plays constitute the main part of the Festival performances.

The place

The open-air theatre of Andros is located in Chora, between the neoclassical City Hall (Voulgaris building) and the Lyceum. Its construction was inspired and mainly funded by Alkiviades Tattos, who comes from Andros.The theatre is built on an idyllic hillside which is protected from the wind and gives panoramic view of the south.

‘A theatre that looks like it has been there forever’; this was the original idea of the architects Kiriaki Kondylatou and Konstantinos Loukos, who undertook the implementation of this ambitious idea.

The open stage of the theatre reminds of the architecture of classical stages and is one of the most daring interventions in the public space of Andros.The construction works began in July 2014 in a plot of land ownedbythemunicipalityofAndros. The theatre has a seating capacity of 870 seats.