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Agamemnon by Aeschylus – Alaloum Amateur Troup of Andros

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Alaloum Amateur Troup of Andros
Neither has it ever been, nor is it today easy to approach the Oresteia trilogy.
Agamemnon 2023Its broad range, dramatic power, daring elimination of characters and the grandeur of Aeschylus’ poetry, bestow awe and fear upon those who try to confront the play; because the poet at times leads us to situations we await and at times leads us to situations we do not even wish to think about.
Agamemnon is the first part of this sole preserved trilogy.
Who is King Agamemnon that returns triumphant from the Trojan War? Is he a militarist who did not hesitate to deceive his wife and sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia in order to remain in power? Or is he a leader who put his homeland above everything?
Who is Queen Clytemnestra, left behind in a patriarchal society trying to keep the Kingdom of Mycenae alive while being confronted by the plebs? Is she a resentful woman who murders her husband the King for her own satisfaction? Or is she an oppressed and deceived woman who goes to Avlida to attend her daughter’s wedding, but returns to Mycenae with the girl’s sacrificed body? Is she justified to retaliate?
Who is Aegisthus? Is he a coward lover hiding behind Clytemnestra’s skirts? Or is it a man who has been long concealing his hatred and avenges Agamemnon when he finds the chance?
Finally, what role does the Chorus play in this work? Is it the people who demand, who oppose Queen Clytemnestra and threaten to reveal everything to Agamemnon? Or is it a rebellious mass that revolts against unjust authority? And which is the human condition after all; which is the fate of the common people under the domination of any ruler, whether just or unjust?
We hope to assist in exploring the above questions with the utmost respect that befits the glorious ancient Greek playwright and the theatre that will host our performance.
Vasilis Pomonis (Agamemnon)
Artistic & Production Credits
Translation: I.N. Griparis
Direction / Set design / Costume / Movement: Theoni Reid
Music: Stavros Kottakis
Lighting: Aleksandros Politakis
Set painting: Achilleas Maltabes
Agamemnon: Vasilis Pomonis
Aegisthus: Giorgos Maltabes
Clytemnestra: Rika Mouriki
Cassandra: Rania Tzifopoulou-Konstantinidi
Herald: Taksiarchis Stratomitros
Guard: Christos Kotsarinis
Attendant: Dimitris Mamais
Chorus: Iraklis Atmatsidis, Maria Vamvaka, Dora Gennimata, Zozo Malapani, Giannis Mallis, Evi Patargia, Mosha Petsa, Theoni Reid
Poster / Programme: Irini Petsa
Cast photography: Irini Petsa, Iraklis Atmatsidis
Video: Dimosthenis Lagios
Sound recorder / Electrician: Vasilis Sigalas
Make-up: Maria Vamvaka, Theoni Reid
Hair stylist: Sofia Chatzileonidou
Set construction: Aleksandros Ambrazis, Achilleas Maltabes, Dimitris Mamais, Theoni Reid, Vasilis Sigalas
Prompt box: Mari Moshovi
Media sponsors: Andriaki Press, Asteras radio, EVANDROS
Supporter vouchers €10 & €7 are available for sale at the Open-Air Andros Theatre box office.
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