«CHRONOS» - Η Δήμητρα Γαλάνη συναντά τους Πέτρο Κλαμπάνη, Θωμά Κωνσταντίνου, Σπύρο Μάνεση και Χρήστο Ραφαηλίδη

«CHRONOS» – Dimitra Galani meets Peter Klampanis, Thomas Konstantinou, Spiros Manesis and Chris Rafailidis

2015 MUSIC
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At 25/8/2015 we will enjoy at the open theatre, which is located in the centre of Andros, the meeting of Dimitra Galani with one ‘’quarteto’’ of excellent greek musicians, with central topic the songs that are written by our great artists, poets and composers.

The instrumentations of this group of musicians show in a special way the influences of greek music from the East and the West. Peter Clabanis at contrabass, Thomas Konstantinou at outi, lute and guitar, Spyros Manesis at piano and Chris Rafailidis at vibraphone, are connected with Dimitra Galani,who is the top of this musical group.

The performer, here, compacts the history of greek music,as she is also a part of this,because she was taught from these great artists from her early career. Like a link connects the past with today.

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2015 MUSIC
Open Theatre of Andros