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«Electra» by Sophocles – Syros Theater-Cultural Association ‘Apollon’

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The Syros Theater-Cultural Association ‘Apollon’ presents Sophocles’ tragedy ‘Electra’ at the Open-Air Theatre of Andros on Tuesday 20th August, at 09:00 PM.

An honest communication with the treasure of our ancient drama, the eternal work which is appreciated and admired by the entire humankind.

We welcome the initiative of the International Festival of Andros to include a Cycladic artistic creation in its artistic programme.

Our participation in the 5th Festival is a great honour for us and we warmly thank Mr Pantelis Voulgaris, the art director of the Festival, who trusted us and gave us the opportunity to represent the creative artistic endeavour of our island.



The plot of the play

Electra lives in Argos, where she mourns the death of her father Agamemnon and openly accuses her mother Clytemnestra and her husband Aegisthus of Agamemnon’s murder. She awaits the return of her brother, Orestes, who will take revenge on their fathers’ murder and will succeed to the throne that he rightfully owns.

Orestes returns to his homeland, together with his pedagogue who acts as a counsellor and his friend Pylades who acts as an assistant, with the aim of taking revenge for his father’s death. In order that this aim is achieved, the pedagogue appears at first and informs Clytemnestra that Orestes lost his life in a chariot race. Then, Orestes and Pylades arrive carrying an urn that supposedly contains Orestes’ ashes.

When Electra hears that her brother is dead, she loses all hope and mourns so much that Orestes is touched and is forced to reveal his real identity to her. Then comes the revenge; Clytemnestra and Aegisthus are murdered by Orestes, while Electra is the instigator of the murder.

Translation: Giorgos Blanas

Giorgos Pahos

Pinelopi Aslanoglou

(Original choreographies-Selection of choreographies-Teaching)
Elisavet Apostolidou

Β’ stasimon (‘Fimi Ton Anthropon…’ – ‘People’s Fame…’)
Nikos Kipourgos
Monody of Chrysothemis
Dimitris Theocharis

The performance has English surtitles

Ηλέκτρα - Θεατρικός Όμιλος Σύρου

Ηλέκτρα - Θεατρικός Όμιλος Σύρου 2019

Ηλέκτρα - Θεατρικός Όμιλος Σύρου

Photos: Maria Lampriadou

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