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Eugene Ionesco’s play “Killing Game”

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Laiki Skini Theatre Group of Andros presents Eugene Ionesco’s play “Killing Game”, directed by Andri Theodotou and Dimitris Degaitis.

Having had a strong presence in the Andros theatre scene for the past 14 years, with 9 plays publicly performed, this year the amateur actors of the troupe founded by Kostas Tsapekos dive into Ionesco’s black comedy –one of the greatest works of the Theatre of the Absurd.

One of the most prominent representatives of the Theatre of the Absurd, Eugene Ionesco satirises the most of mundane situations in his plays, while he also portrays loneliness and the insignificance of human existence.

Provocative and rebellious, the play begins in a city which starts getting wiped out by a sudden pandemic. The city’s inhabitants are confronted with tragicomic, irrational situations. Killing Game explores the themes of symbolic and real death. According to Ionesco, “the comedy is tragic, and human tragedy is a comedy”.

Translation: Errikos Belies
Original music: Nikos Psarianos
Musical arrangement: Dimitris Degaitis

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Starring (in alphabetical order):
Minas Goumas, Vivi Daniolou, Leonardos Dimas, Olga Kokoti, Katerina Kolida, Giorgos Kolidas, Giorgos Maganiotis, Simona Margeti, Varvara Patesta, Elli Pertesi, Kotsarinis Xristos, Aggeliki Strati, Efrosini Tridima

Andros Open-Air Theatre
Wednesday 31st July 2024
Start time: 21:00

Admission by supporter vouchers: € 10
The supporter vouchers are available for sale at the Andros Open-Air Theatre box office and at Paraporti store.

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