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Hippolytus by Euripides – “Alaloum” amateur troupe of Andros

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“Full of ordeals is human life, and we don’t find rest from sufferings. But we cherish our life, because it’s the only one that shines on this earth. Who knows about another life? Everything is a myth and we are drifting.”

How many ordeals can we, mortals, perhaps endure? And how many ordeals do we cause ourselves, the others, our offspring, and humankind? What is the aim of tragedy? To constantly remind, throughout the centuries, for the past two and a half thousand years, that although we are rarely aware of the entire significance of our actions, we must, however, strive to lead a contemplative life. Why? Because a simple action or inaction, link in a chain of many others, has the power to bring upon the peak or the destruction of entire generations. We are not alone. We owe it to each other to beware of our hubris, born from our innate individualism.

Hippolytus, who is obsessively clinging to chastity, defies love, this life-giving force and mother of all beings. He thus also shows contempt for women, the mothers in this world. Aphrodite, deeply insulted by his attitude, causes Hippolytus’ stepmother Phaedra to fall in love with him, and Hippolytus is led to his destruction. But even then, he unwaveringly continues to believe that he is harmless; an innocent victim of circumstances. We, the spectators, though, have become wiser. We have reflected on the future of humanity as Hippolytus fantasises it, a humanity in a disastrous and ultimately stale trajectory. And we have understood; and we have been taught.

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Translation: Stratis Paschalis
Direction, set design, costume design, movement, choreography: Theoni Reid
Music: Stavros Kottakis
Lighting: Alexandros Politakis
Sound recording: Giannoulis Petsas
Poster, photography: Irini Petsa

Theseus: Vassilis Pomonis
Phaedra: Rania Konstantinidi
Hippolytus: Giannis Stefanidis
Nurse: Rika Mouriki
Messenger: Giorgos Maltampes
Aphrodite: Maria Vamvaka
Artemis: Despina Alonistioti
Old woman: Katerina Soroula
Servant: Ioanna Katsarou
Women’s chorus: Despina Alonistioti, Maria Vamvaka, Dora Gennimata, Giolanta Korovesi, Theoni Reid
Hunters: Dimitris Mamais, Taksiarchis Stratomitros, Antonis Chalas

A performance of the “Μύστες” (Mistes) group, hosted by the “Alaloum” amateur troupe of Andros.

**The permission to put on the performance has been granted by the Association of Greek Playwrights.

➤ Wednesday 03.08.2022, 21:00

General admission: €10
Discounted admission: €7 (people with disabilities, university students, unemployed, children)

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Photos: Maria Lampriadou

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