“Nils Holgersson’s Wonderful Journey” By Selma Lagerlöf

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Magikes Svoures and Melisma Events present at Andros Open-Air Theatre

Beloved children’s director Dimitris Adamis playfully unties the red ribbon of a festive theatrical gift, presenting to children “Nils Holgersson’s Wonderful Journey” by Nobel laureate Selma Lagerlöf, in his own direction and adaptation.

Written at the beginning of the 20th century as a children’s book by teacher Selma Lagerlöf, it was also used as a textbook at Swedish schools. A fairytale filled with poetry, beauty, love for nature, humour and emotion.

Naughty, rebellious and mischievous Nils, transformed into a dwarf by an elf, travels with his white goose Martin and a flock of wild geese over mountains and seas, valleys and lakes, forests and rivers, ports, villages and cities.
During this journey Nils discovers the secrets of nature, animal and bird life, and he learns to love, protect and respect them.
Together with wise goose Akka, Fox, Dalmatian Pelican, Gorgo the eagle and Big Butterfly, he recognises the value of togetherness and the virtue of helping and supporting each other.

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The performance narrates a beautiful ecological fairytale at a time when it’s our duty to talk to children about the environment and the need to protect it.

Dimitris Adamis presents to both children and adults a breezy performance which drifts and fills the air with scent, just like the trees in dense, lush forests.

The play’s music is based on folklore songs and Scandinavian composers such as Grieg, Sibelious and Gade.

Artistic and Production Credits:
Text & Direction: Dimitris Adamis
Set design: Christina Papadimitriou – Marc Britz
Costume: Domna Zafiropoulou – Magikes Svoures
Movement: Elena Gerodimou
Orchestration & Arranging: Giorgos Konstantinidis
Music curation: Dimitris Adamis
Props: Ifigenia Kofou
Costume creation: Atelier Tsiouni
Assistant to the Director: Emmanouela Kabitsi

Cast (in order of appearance):
Anthi Christothanopoulou, Aris Kalavros, Giorgos Giokas, Chara Nikolaou, Katerina Perliani, Tasos Raptis

General admission: EUR 13
Performance duration: 80 minutes

Start time
Open Theatre of Andros