The Persians by Aeschylus, Cyprus Theatre Organisation

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Last year’s big success of the Cyprus Theatre Organisation, which impressed the audience and the critics, is repeated in Cyprus with a limited number of performances and then embarks on an important tour in Greece.


The Persians, the oldest ancient Greek drama that has been saved and the only one which is based on historical facts, document the defeat of the Persian arrogance and the triumph of the Greek spirit, adopting a special narrative form. The play is presented by the Cyprus Theatre Organisation and it is directed by Aris Biniaris -a new director who has stood out for his electrifying performances- with the participation of a dynamic group of accomplished and rising actors including Kariofillia Karampeti, Nikos Psarras, Antonis Miriagos and Charis Charalambous.


According to the director, ‘the performance is a theatrical and musical event at the same time and proposes a vivid composition of poetic words, music and theatrical action. It releases the essence of Aeschylus’ work and leads the audience to the comprehension of the universal character of the ancient drama. The actors approach the meanings, the rhythm and the sounds of the poetic text, with musicality being the vehicle for representation and transformation. All the main characters, as well as the Chorus, are performed by revealing the musical nature of the play. Using such a simple composition, the performance manifests itself through basic levels -action, word, singing, dance- and achieves a simplicity which is sufficient for revealing the continuous vibrations of the ancient Greek drama and its impact on the modern audience’.


Translation: Panagiotis Moullas

Direction – Music dramaturgy: Aris Biniaris

Metrical teaching: Theodoros Stefanopoulos

Scenery: Konstantinos Louka

Costumes: Eleni Tzirkalli

Kinesiology: Lia Charaki

Lighting: Georgios Koukoumas



Kariofillia Karampeti, Charis Charalambous,

Nikos Psarras, Antonis Miriagos



Ilias Andreou, Petros Giorkatzis, Giorgos Evagorou, Giorgos OnisiforouMarios Konstantinou, Panagiotis Larkou, David Maltese, Giannis Minos, Aris Biniaris, Onisiforos Onisiforou, Stefanos Pittas, Konstantinos Sevdalis



General admission: 16€

Students, children, over 65 years: 12€

Disabled, unemployed:  8€



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