Ploutos by Aristophanes

«Plutus» by Aristophanes – Laiki Skini Of Andros

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Laiki Skini of Andros presents the ‘Plutus’ theatrical play, written by Aristophanes, in the summer of 2019.

‘Plutus’ is Aristophanes’ last surviving comedy. It was written in 388 BC and marks the transition from the Old to the New Attic Comedy.

In this comedy, Aristophanes satirises the uneven distribution of wealth by Plutus (‘Wealth’), who approaches the evil people because he is blind. Zeus punished god Plutus by making him blind, so that he would avoid the righteous, the wise and the honest people. After Chremylos and his slave cure Plutus and make him regain his eyesight, the latter distributes his wealth to the benevolent and impoverishes the rich.

Thus, the overturned status quo causes chain reactions that illustrate the social patterns of Aristophanes’ era; these patterns are very similar to today’s society, which is thirsty for wealth.


Direction: Nikos Psarianos

Christos Kotsarinis (Carion),
Vasilis Pomonis (Chremylos),
Giorgos Maltabes (Plutus),
Giorgos Eleftheriou (Vlepsidimos),
Angeliki Strati (Penia),
Despoina Manesi (Chremylos’ Wife),
Giorgos Kairis (Righteous Man),
Taksiarhis Stratomitros (Defamer),
Vivi Daniolou (Old Woman),
Marios Antonios Konstantopoulos (Young Man),
Efthimia Koulouri (Hermes),
Giannis Doulgeridis (Priest)

Chorus: Thanasis Karpouzis, Varvara Patesta, Elli Pertesi, Gelly Hala, Niki –Faidra Pomoni, Leonardos Dimas

Participate the young actors: Giannis Stratomitros, Nikos Margretis

Prompt box: Aliki Pertesi

Musicians onstage: Vangelis Halas – violin, Thanasis Karpouzis – bagpipe, dulcimer.

Πλούτος ΘΟΑ

Πλούτος ΘΟΑ 2019

Photos: Maria Lampriado

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