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«Tangled Garden» by Bruce Gooch – Apo Michanis Theatro

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After greatly successful performances in Athens and Thessaloniki, provincial areas will receive the cultural experience they deserve during this difficult period, with a performance presenting audiences in the most touching way a reminder of the power of love.

How deep is the human need for love, for closeness, for complete acceptance? Can two people with seemingly contrasting personalities find in each other the person they have been looking for in their whole life?

Stelios Mainas and Katia Sperelaki answer these questions on stage, giving an outstanding performance. Written by Canadian actor and author Bruce Gooch and directed by Dimitris Milonas, the play talks about memories and experiences which play a decisive role in each person’s life.

“Tangled Garden” is the latest play written by Bruce Gooch, a remarkable actor and author who boasts numerous successful productions in the USA and in Canada, and is a founding member of the New Fangled Stages theatre collective. The theatre Από Μηχανής Θέατρο (Apo Michanis Theatro – The Machine Theatre), in cooperation with New Fangled Stages, presented “Tangled Garden” at a world premiere.

A few words about the play

Barry, a military veteran who is now working as a bricklayer, is recovering after a knee surgery, when Louise suddenly shows up at his house. Properly mannered, truly professional and a poetry aficionado, she has been employed by the nephew of Barry’s ex-wife, in order to take care of Barry. Although she is chased away by his coarseness, the continuation of this encounter proves to be completely unexpected. Barry is determined to become a better man, while Louise desperately seeks help in him.

Two solitary people meet in an effort to bridge the gap between two completely different worlds and find salvation, each of them in their own way. The path they need to follow is long.

Director’s note

«“The Garden is an oasis in the midst of the two heroes’ ‘dry’ life. There they will meet, they will try to find a common way to communicate, and they will seek cracks through which they can enter and dare to love and be loved. Despite their contrasting characteristics; despite the failures they carry along; despite the hesitation. The Garden is transformed into a place of negotiation with the other, but, above all else, with the self. The decision to draw a common path, against the flow, is at times relieving and at times painful, but it is always brave. Even if we are not aware of the strength of this bridge of encounter that they desire to build together, in my opinion, the fact that they make this effort is majestic indeed.”»

Dimitris Milonas

Ο Κήπος του Μπρους Γκουτς – Από Μηχανής ΘέατροCredits:

Actors: Stelios Mainas, Katia Sperelaki

Author: Bruce Gooch
Translation: Katia Sperelaki
Direction: Dimitris Milonas
Lighting: Giorgos Agiannitis
Scenery/Costumes: Lida Sperelaki, Angeliki Athanasiadou
Assistant Director: Vicky Panagiotopoulou
2nd Assistant Director: Christos Karanikolas
Photography: Patroklos Skafidas
Movement/Choreography: Chrysiis Liatziviry



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Photographs: Maria Lampriadou

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