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The Fairytale of Odyssey – Karagiozis on Cyclops’ Island

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Andros Social Cooperative Enterprise, in collaboration with the International Andros Festival, invite you to a unique shadow theatre play by Alexandros Melissinos’ shadow-puppet theatre group. Accompanied by a live traditional orchestra, it will be held at the open-air Andros theatre on Friday August 13 at 08:30 pm.

Alexandros Melissinos’ shadow-puppet theatre group, well-known both in Greece and abroad, regularly revives old traditional plays and has the Karagiozis figure star in them, while it also holds new plays that are inspired by Greek mythology and literature. It recounts great stories behind the shadow theatre white parapet, gives live music a key role and interacts with its audience.

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A few words about the play:

An entertaning and educational play based on Greek history and mythology, “Karagiozis on Cyclops’ Island” is an Aristophanic adaptation of Odysseus’ adventures, and combines shadow theatre with ancient Greek comedy. The plot unfolds on Ithaca, where Penelope is courted by the suitors, as well as on Cyclops’ island, where Odysseus faces various adventures in his effort to return home.


Alexandros Melissinos’ shadow-puppet theatre group

Traditional live orchestra:
Thanasis Karpouzis – dulcimer
Pantezis Tendes – guitar
Giorgos Giannisis – violin

General admission: 8 EUR

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