The Happy One

«The Happy One» – Poreia Theater

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Marina Karagatsi

The Happy one

Theatrical adaptation: Erie Kyrgia

Director Dimitri Tarlow

“Life is a bitch…”

“The Happy one”, Marina Karagatsi’s novel (“Diavazo” Literary Magazine Award, 2009) after being presented in the Poreia Theatre, and directed by its Artistic Director, Dimitri Tarlow for two seasons, is now travelling in Andros International Festival.

The theatrical adaptation (by Eri Kyrgia) transforms the apologetic, reviewing and forgiving monologues into a full-length play and directly transports us to the home of the emblematic Greek author M. Karagatsis, who suffered from severe insomnia. Within three sleepless days and through his little daughter’s gaze, come to light all that has haunted and hurt one of the most reputed families in Greece – or just a family. And if the dark moments outnumber the bright ones, the reconciliation with the past turns out to be the only way.


Creative Team

Theatrical adaptation: Erie Kyrgia

Translation –Dramaturgy – Direction: Dimitri Tarlow
Set & Costumes: Eleni Manolopoulou

Music: Nalyssa Green

Lighting: Alekos Anastasiou

Make-up: Evi Zafeiropoulou

Wigs and Hair: Chronis Tzimos

Actors’ training: Christiana Kosiari

Photos & trailer: Vasia Anagnostopoulou

Assistant Directors: Dimitra Koutsokosta, Thomais Gkerlektsi

Assistant set & costumes designer: Alexandros Garnavos


Laskaro: Kaiti Manolidaki

Marina: Thaleia Stamatelou

Mina: Smaragda Smirnaiou

Niki: Danai Saridaki

Karagatsis: Christos Malakis

Το Ευχαριστημένο 2019

Το Ευχαριστημένο 2019

Photos: Dimitra Milaiou

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