Agamemnon by Aeschylus – Alaloum Amateur Troup of Andros

Alaloum Amateur Troup of Andros Neither has it ever been, nor is it today easy to approach the Oresteia trilogy. Its broad range, dramatic power, daring elimination of characters and the grandeur of Aeschylus’ poetry, bestow awe and fear upon those who try to confront the play; because the poet at times leads us to situations we await and at

Prometheus Bound

For ticket reservations CLICK HERE For his sophomore appearance at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, director Aris Biniaris continues his research on ancient tragedy with a new production of Prometheus Bound. The actors draw on the rhythmical qualities of the poetic text, converting them into stage action through their bodies and voices. Against the backdrop of a pulsating, live soundscape,

Orestes by Euripides

For ticket reservations CLICK HERE After years of directing ancient Greek comedies, Giannis Kakleas returns to the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus with his very first directed ancient Greek tragedy, Orestes by Euripides, translated by Giorgos Chimonas. The play will be also presented at theopen-air Andros theatre. Orestes by Euripides is a play filled with bitter conflicts, plot twists, apologies and