SAPPHO Poetess. Mistress. Legend.

For ticket reservations CLICK HERE Pascal Productins presents: S A P F O Poetess. Mistress. Legend. Written/Directed by: Wendy Beckett The international theatrical production dedicated to the Greek lyric poet of Lesbos presented for 4 performances August 11 in Hydra August 22 in Andros August 27 in Delphi September 13 in Rhodes Pascal Productions presents the project “SAPFO”, inspired by

Prometheus Bound

For ticket reservations CLICK HERE For his sophomore appearance at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, director Aris Biniaris continues his research on ancient tragedy with a new production of Prometheus Bound. The actors draw on the rhythmical qualities of the poetic text, converting them into stage action through their bodies and voices. Against the backdrop of a pulsating, live soundscape,

This is not Romeo & Juliet a play by Argyris Pandazaras “An ordinary night”

For ticket reservations CLICK HERE Argyris Pandazaras’ play This is not Romeo & Juliet, which is based on Shakespeare’s masterpiece, comes to the Andros open-air theatre for a one-time performance. The play stars Argyris Pandazaras and Sissy Toumasi in a perpetual role play that fascinates and blurs the boundaries between myth and daily life. Two eternal adolescents under the influence

Othello by William Shakespeare

For ticket reservations CLICK HERE One of the greatest plays of the international theatre repertoire, William Shakespeare’s unsurpassed erotic drama “Othello” is directed by Aimilios Heilakis and Manolis Dounias, and stars Giannis Bezos in the title role. This adaptation of the immensely popular play has been translated by Dionisis Kapsalis and boasts original music written by Dimitris Kamarotos. The protagonist roles